Dr. Sushma Chawla Gynaecologist Fertility Specialist Jalandhar


Laparoscopic & General surgeon
(Special Interest)
Laparoscopic Surgery, Fertility
Obesity Surgery

  • Governing Council Member Association of Surgeon of India 2019 – 2021
  • Executive Member – ASI Punjab Chapter – 2019
  • Secretary IMA Jalandhar – 2017

  • Chawla Nursing Home & Maternity Hospital Patel Hospital Pvt Ltd :

    • MBBS from J S S Medical College, Mysore 
    • MS (General Surgery) from J N M C, Belgaum 
    • Other Qualification(s)/ Certification(s)/ Programme(s) Attended 
    • International Training (Diploma Course) in Advanced Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgery, Anatomy & Virtual Reality 
    • Training at Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University of Kiel, Germany. 
    • Advanced course in laparoscopic surgery - Laparoscopy Hospital, a unit of a Shanti hospital, Delhi. 
    • Hysteroscopy- Hands on training at Ethicon Institute, Delhi. 
    • 3rd AMASI Skill Course, AIIMS; New Delhi, 2006. 
    • Bariatric Surgery Training Programme organised by minimal access and bariatric surgery centre SGRH, New Delhi,2007.
    • Master Class in Endoscopic Hernia Surgery, SGRH, New Delhi, 2008. 
    • Bariatric Surgery Training - setting up a Bariatric Centre, Pune.
    • Training IVF, ICSI, QA/QC, TESE & Advanced ICSI by James Catt.
    • Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH) hands on training course by Dr. Hafeez Rehman
    • Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in health science in ultrasonography, Annamalai University, May 2012
    • Laparoscopic colorectal training course by Dr. Haribhakti Kaizen Hospital, Ahmedabad, 2014
    • Laparoscopic radical Hysterectomy course 2014
    • Robotic surgery training at Cochin – 2018.
    • Surgical skills & techniques – Training of Trainer Course ASI Surgical Skill Training (ASISST) – TOT March - 2019

    Professional Memberships:

    • Member Hernia Society of India 
    • Member Asia Palific Hernia Society 
    • Member- Association of Surgeon, Jalandhar 
    • Member Association of Surgeon of India (Northern Chapter) 
    • Member - Indian Medical Association 
    • Member - National Association of Reproductive& Child Health of India (NARCHI) 
    • Member- Federation of Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Society of India. 
    • Member - Indian society of fertility and sterility 
    • Member American Society for Reproductive Medicine.
    • Member- Indian Society for study of Reproduction and Fertility

    Other Qualifications:

    • Fellow the Association of Minimal Access Surgeon of India FMAS 
    • Fellow of Association of Surgeons of India- FAIS
    • Fellow of Northern Chapter Association of Surgeon of India.

    Conferences/ Workshops Organized:

    • Live Operative workshop & CME
    • Live operative workshop & CME or TLH Laparoscopy Radical Hysterectomy March - 2016
    • Live workshop and CME on Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH) and Laparoscopic Gynae Onco Surgery on 20th Sept 2015.

    Conferences/ Workshops Attended :

    • ASICON December – 2018
    • PACE Bariatric programme by Dr. Mahendra Narwaria & Dr. Sanjay Patialia August – 2016
    • OSSICON – 2016
    • Annual Conference of Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society of India - 12-14 Feb 2016 
    • RCOG - Assisted Conception Course - April-2011, Delhi. 
    • 16th National Congress ISAR March-2011, Agra. 
    • 16th National Congress of Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction March-2011, Agra. 
    • CME on safe Restrictive Bariatric Surgery March-2010. 
    • CME on Bariatric Surgery June-2009. 
    • Ossicon April-2009, Hyderabad. 
    • 68th Annual conference of the Association of Surgeon of India Dec, 2008 Ludhiana 
    • NARCHI & Obstetric Gynaecological society of India (Northern Chapter) Conference Aug, 2008 at Jalandhar. 
    • FOGSI Infertility Committee National Conference and live workshop, May-2008 National Conference on ovulation in Induction ART, IUI, Vaginal surgery. 
    • OSSICON April-2008, Kolkata. 
    • 7th AMASI-Followship Skill Course March-2008 Pune. 
    • Northern Zone symposium on Endoscopy & Infertility Feb, 2008 
    • NATCON-IASO 2007 Annual Conference of India association of surgical oncology September 2007, Ludhiana. 
    • ASI Northern Chapter MID TERM CME-2007, April 2007, Jalandhar. 
    • NARCHI & Obstetric Gynaecological society of India (Northern India) Conference Aug 2006 Jalandhar 
    • IAGES 7th National Congress, 9-12 Feb 2006, Bangalore. 
    • Obst/Gynae Update, 31st March 2006, Jalandhar. 
    • 13th Annual Medicine Update, 13th Feb 2005, Jalandhar. 
    • 1st International Conference on Surgical Oncology, 24 to 26 Feb 2005, New Delhi. 
    • Endosurgery 05 - International Congress on Minimal Access Surgery "Mechanism of Mishaps and Risk Reduction Strategies" - 21st Feb - 1st March 2005, New Delhi. 
    • National conference of Endoscopic surgery, 8-12th feb 2005 , Bangalore. 
    • National conference of Endoscopic surgery,6th, Feb 2004, Ludhiana. 
    • The Grand Rounds in Gastrointestinal cancer, April 2004, Mumbai. 
    • AIDS symposium under aegis of Punjab Medical Council, Feb 2004. 
    • 23rd annual conference of Northern Chapter of Associations of Surgeons of India, March 2003, Ludhiana. 
    • NC-ASICON -2003- Pre Congress Workshop, March 2003, Ludhiana. 
    • Conference by NARCHI & Obstetric & Gynecological Society of India, Feb. 2003, Jalandhar. 
    • Congress and workshop on IUI, IVF, ICSI, JAN 2003 Mumbai. 
    • National conference on mediolegal aspects, May 2002, Pune. 
    • Annual conference of ICS-CENTRAL ZONE- FEB 2000. 
    • Gynecological Endoscopy in 2000 at Goa (1999) 
    • International seminar on gynecological endoscopy, March 1998, Mumbai.
    • XIX Annual conference Karnataka state chapter, association of surgeons of India 
    • Symposium on recent advances in andrological evaluation and treatment of male infertility and workshop on semenology.

    Presentations :

    • Participated in award paper presentation at XIX annual conference, Karnataka state chapter, Association of Surgeons of India Feb. 2001, KIMS, Hubli.

    Voluntary Assignments :

    • Participated in various free camps as part of village programmes held by National association of Reproductive & Child Health of India (NARCHI). 
    • Organized baby show held by NARCHI and Chawla Nursing Home & Maternity hospital, Jalandhar 
    • Active team worker in organizing conference by NARCHI & Obstetrician & Gynaecological Society of India (Northern chapter)

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